Note to Self: A Good Day at the Keyboard

April 27, 2018

"I feel my soul grow every time I write."


That's a burp of a lie for most writers, I think. I've talked on here before about days where the fingers feel stiff, self doubt screams, and focus wavers... My understanding is that these feelings are ubiquitous in writing.


Enough about that!


Today was a good writing day. Today I sat down at my desk, bobbed my head to "And She Was" by The Talking Heads, and felt for the first time in months that I was writing a living character. I could see what she was wearing, knew how she walked, and heard how she talked. I've sent this script through close to ten drafts, and today was the first time I interacted with a real person on paper. It's invigorating, and it makes the muddy, molasses writing days worthwhile. I'm not close to finishing this draft, but I feel I've touched on a true joy in writing-- and understand that there are no shortcuts to finding this place. It requires honest time and thought; it requires backstory building, story planning, and drafting; it requires concentration and focus.


Maybe music has something to do with it, too. I usually listen to jazz or classical music- something without lyrics that I can tune out. Today I listened to my favorite high energy songs. My mood was floating. My fingers danced. The joy seeped into the story. I am remembering now that Stephen King likes to listen to Metallica while he writes... there's something to it, I think. More testing to be done on the matter before I know.


I write this as a reminder to myself (and anyone who might be in the thick of a dark writing wood) that these writing days exist and should be strived for. Follow the fun. In my experience, that's how you get to be thorough enough to create living, breathing stories and characters. I'd like to tattoo 'follow the fun' on my body (But I won't because I'm not ready to commit to that right now. Thanks for asking). I will instead tattoo it on this blog, where I can revisit it when I please.


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