Accountants and Lawyers and Producers and Kittens

April 5, 2018

Are you a member-managed LLC or a manager-managed LLC with multiple managers? How about taxes: S-Corp, C-corp? Are you nesting your LLCs so as to dissolve the investor one after the production while maintaining the parent company? Have you drafted your operating agreement and PPM? Will you be raising capital through crowdfunding Equity Capital or the more traditional private equity route? Are you targeting accredited or non-accredited investors? Which third party broker will you be using to secure capital? Have you filed your statement of information to the California Secretary of State? Have you amended the articles of organization to accurately represent your management structure? Does your business plan clearly communicate investor benefits? Have you filed for your Los Angeles business license? Is your lawyer fluent in international tax law?


Sometimes this is what making a movie looks like. These are the questions Will and I face as we prepare to raise money for Killer Whales.


Down the rabbit hole we go.



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