The Snailman Cometh...

September 21, 2017

…And he cometh from Ireland! Please meet our latest muse, the wonderful, beaming, self-professed garrulous Michael Curran (jacket courtesy of the Germans). Michael lives just down the road from where we’re shooting, and that, along with some other synchronous experiences, is leading us to what we hope will be a gut-shaking performance. Get ready to be seduced by his Irish cadences. 


Will has the producer hat on, and for the first time in a while it’s fitting snugly. Permits have been obtained. Crew is gathering equipment for footage tests. Coffee is being pre-ordered. All the lessons we learned from Howay! mean that so much more energy can be invested in the artistic decisions, rather than the learning curve. It’s a part of the process that we often under-appreciate: our growth as creatives, as professionals, as individuals. Sometime it feels like you’ve made the wrong decision, that this path is never going to yield to your crawling… But stick with it, and you will prevail. Wyatt and I remarked recently that the filmmakers we are today would have been unimaginable when we first collaborated two years ago. And of course, that we still feel entirely like newborn chicks, having just blindly tumbled off the edge of the nest… And Snailman is the next branch down :) 


Coming soon: Snailman production photos, AFF updates, stories, and ramblings… Oh, and if you’re a tweeter - we have set up an outpost there too. Check us out at @magpiefactory for some micro-narratives, curated retweets, and heart-shaped buttons.


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