Yeah, We're Goin' to Austin

September 16, 2017




We're happy to announce that "Howay!" has been selected to screen at the 2017 Austin Film Festival. Wyatt and Will are going to travel to Austin at the end of October to attend. AFF was one of our top festival choices, and it was a damn good surprise to get the news. It's in the thick of excitement surrounding the news that I'm feeling a deep-rooted gratitude for everything this year has delivered. From Newcastle to Cannes to Austin, this film has taken us on an adventure across the world (all this with little $$ to our names). Putting energy into this creation has returned not money but soul growth. No more than a year ago I was dreaming of creative adventures, and teaming up with Will made these dreams a reality. I am grateful that Will and I share a vision, and I am grateful that we get to wake up every day with a great reason to create stories. I am grateful that we're growing as people because our work allows for travel and demands a shift in perspective. I am grateful for all the people we've met this year-- people we wouldn't have met if we didn't decide to do this film. We knew "Howay!" would have no monetary return, but it was always about the magic of realizing an idea-- of taking that idea from a bullet point on a page to a script, to a set, and finally to a screen. That's what this is about for us, and that's something I hope to never forget. 



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