High and Low

July 13, 2017


Some days you're down. Some days you're up. And when you're up, drifting amongst electric blue ideas, there isn't a better place to be in the world. You wake up hoping for that cloud status every morning; more often than not, it's fleeting. But each time you glimpse the feeling, that zeitgeist of the personal, you seize it, and you add another layer to the project. And that's how films are made: in layers. You just keep buttering on the next spread of images, backstory, or logistics, and eventually the layers make a greater architecture. And so, we're excited to announce the next layer of Snailman - our wonderful DP, Pola Garnek, who will bring her eye for contemporary visual style to our wyrd and uncanny tale. Along with Pola comes a host of talented crew members, filming equipment, and the family atmosphere we strive for with each shoot. Now it's up to me to find our titular mailman...


And then of course, there are the lowlands of the creative process. The foggy moors that meet you after watching some other director do exactly what you had envisioned earlier that morning. The near-perpetual cycle of falling in love with ideas and scenes, imaginary of course, only to realise the limitations of each one. But gradually, as a glacier carves out a mountain, the ideas refine into something coherent. So it has been with the animation aspect of Snailman, which demands extensive research and shotlisting. Even despite my best efforts at storyboarding, the ideas change with the weather, calling for new twists on the previous designs. No matter - the ultimate product will be something we can all be proud of. This is all, after all, the creative cycle.


Wyatt returns from family commitments this week, ready for the final leg of Sugar Pine Draft 1. In the meantime, we should start hearing back from the first film festivals we submitted Howay! to. Fingers and hearts crossed that the festival programmers respond to all the hard work everyone here has put in. Go team Magpie, up up and away!


Warm Regards,

Will and Wyatt

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