I Came to Myself in a Dark Wood

July 6, 2017


Wake up, run, shower, drink coffee, cook 2 hardboiled eggs, listen to youtube interview, eat 2 hardboiled eggs, eat banana, check email, meditate, Facebook, check espn.com, check Instagram, open itunes and begin Lord of the Rings soundtrack, open Final Draft and read through last couple pages of script, check email, write, check email, write, read, nap, and write. This is what my mornings have looked like for the last month as I wade through the writing waters of Sugar Pine. I find myself in the middle of Act II and in a period where the words come painfully slowly and my mood about the whole story is fragile, my focus even more so. Morning ritual, though unglamorous, is symbolic of dedication to the task, and it’s what ensures I at least sit down with the script on the screen. If the ritual goes, everything goes and no writing happens. The key, I’ve both heard and learned from a small amount of experience, is to plow through the tough patches. It’s to put faith in your preparation and your unconscious and to get the story out as quickly as possible before the doubt and perfectionism convince you that inaction is preferable. It is only draft 1, afterall. This is what one of my more difficult days wandering through the dark wood that is Act II feels like.


Then, without knowing why or how (that would take the fun out of the whole thing anyway), I find myself nearing the other side of the dark wood. I find my fingers working autonomously on the keyboard and look at the clock to discover that more time has passed than I thought. Ideas begin to fall from a mysterious and hidden reservoir in the mind as if they had been building up behind a dam and now they are finally spilling over the top. It’s fun. It feels like pure expression and creation, like I am building something bigger than me. These are the good days, and they keep me at it. Sugar Pine is nearing draft 1 completion, and we are excited about how it’s shaping up!


Meanwhile, Will is getting the wheels turning on “Snailman,” and together we are coming up with a TV show pitch for a couple contests. On top of that, we are plotting more projects for down the road, including a play… Thanks for reading and for keeping up with Magpie Factory. As always, we are eager to share our work and our process. 



Wyatt and Will

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