Bears and Snails

June 16, 2017


Fellow Magpies,


We've had our beaks buried in different soils over the last fortnight - please, forgive our absence this past week! But just as the seed needs time to germinate, so the idea requires gentle nourishment and solitude to flourish. Wyatt, his heart forever in the hills, took flight to Alaska, and is now somewhere in the tundras, etching his draft of Sugar Pine onto some piece of bark with ragged fingernails, howling on occasion. He has related to me via our dream link that the bears roaming the land seem tamed by the scent of coffee. One ursine even dipped its tongue into the bubbling brew, and stayed a while. What more could a director want from a writer?


As for this Englishman, I have swapped out the camera for the measuring tape, as I devise a stop-motion animation sequence for our next film, Snailman. While we can't say too much about the project yet (squawking and protective guardians as we are), suffice it to say the story concerns an aged mailman about to make the oddest delivery of his life... We are assembling a young team, rife with talent and London accents, to bring the next Idea to life. In the coming month, we will be revealing their faces as we confirm their attachment to Snailman. Quite the motley crew, this one! And in the meantime, I shall be feasting on strawberries and Pimm's in my current home of Oxford, to feed the creative antennae. Don't forget to let the sun shine down on you and fill your heart with solar glee this summer. 


Oh, and that fella above? That is a metal snail.

Yours truly,

Will and Wyatt

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