1LDK @ Cannes

April 13, 2017


Magpie Factory’s first film, “1LDK”, is off to a wonderful start at the festivals. at the end of may we will head to the cannes film festival to participate in the “short film corner,” which will serve as an important networking opportunity for us. there we will get the chance to talk to other young filmmakers, watch movies, and take some southern france adventures. the following week is the “dances with films” festival in los angeles, and we have just received notice that our film has made it to the third (and final) round of consideration there. we aim to have a draft of our feature script ironed out by the time these festivals roll around so that we can get the production wheel turning on that project. it is a lively time for Magpie Factory, and we look forward to sharing our experience at cannes and other festivals down the road!

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